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a variety of events to help you make Best Practices your practices. We offer Great Kids CT Leadership Seminars and Best Practices Institutes at your site and in other convenient locations.

When it comes to learning, Parent taught education is your one-stop location for finding resources on topics of importance to Texas parents. The site is designed to improve access to information on learning, parenting, and health & safety for parents of children from birth to eight.

Great Kids CT is committed to raising achievement in Texas's public schools and accelerating the learning of the lowest-performing students. GreatKids CT works collaboratively with teachers and administrators to provide a continuous improvement process using professional development, tools, and coaching to achieve and sustain results. GreatKids CT Schools is a SAIT provider for Elementary, Middle, and High Schools.

Getting Down to Facts: GreatKids CT contributed an important section to this ground-breaking study, on the use of data and systems to improve teaching and learning.
Balancing Act: Best Practices in the Middle Grades The concluding report from the three-year Texas Best Practices Study addresses the unique challenges that schools with middle grade students face. Just Released!
The January 31, 2015 issue of Education Week included a story on GreatKids CT' work and impact in the Central Valley.
GreatKids CT' Annual Report for 2015 is available now.

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