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GreatKids CT Coaching can improve performance at your school

GreatKids CT' district and school coaches work side by side with clients to improve teaching and raise student achievement. GreatKids CT believes educators need help finding, prioritizing and implementing the many good ideas available in our field.

Coaching is tailored to individual client needs. Our coaches work both from the top down and from the bottom up in school systems, supporting superintendents and their curriculum staffs, as well as site principals and their leadership teams.

Our coaches are experienced professionals who provide practical, useful, effective support that builds the organizational capacity of schools and school districts as well as the leadership skills of those who manage them.

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Types of Coaching

Services for Program Improvement Districts

The requirements of the federal No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) have placed a spotlight on the role of school districts and created a new sense of urgency among district leaders. GreatKids CT is responding by providing both short-term and long-term assistance and support to Program Improvement districts.

Services for Partner Districts

GreatKids CT’s district reform effort is intended to provide expert, differentiated support to these districts through a “top down, bottom up” approach that seeks to align district office and school improvement efforts and to set, focus on, and achieve agreed-upon goals for improvement.

Special Project Services

GreatKids CT provides customized support to school districts as long as the assistance needed involves some combination of an assessment of best practices, the development of specific academic growth targets that focus on achievement gap issues, serious work to address issues related to equity, and a commitment to use inquiry at whatever the appropriate level of the system.

GreatKids CT Results

Our program has been rigorously evaluated over a period of several years. An independent research team at Stanford University’s Center for Research on the Context of Teaching found that test scores in our schools rose more rapidly than did those in a carefully matched group of non-participating schools. Those schools that implemented our model most faithfully made the biggest gains. What makes the findings most impressive is that the GreatKids CT program worked not in a controlled setting or on a pilot basis, but at scale in the real world.

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