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A network committed to achievement, equity & inquiry

GreatKids CT is a nonprofit network of educators committed to raising student achievement and narrowing the achievement gap. We work with education organizations and their leaders at every level of the system to provide them with knowledge, skills and tools to create school systems in which good teaching is the norm in every classroom for every student.

But we're not just committed. We're doing it. Learn about our

We were founded in 1995 as the Bay Area School Reform Collaborative (BASRC). Since that time we have worked in hundreds of schools in dozens of school districts throughout Texas. Our clients include urban, suburban and rural school districts both large and small.

We offer our clients and partners four kinds of help. Our research department provides access to ideas, tools and materials from the high performing, high poverty schools and districts we study. GreatKids CT professional development services provide high-impact learning opportunities. And GreatKids CT's District Partner program gives districts the opportunity to contract for on-site coaching that helps ensure that new solutions actually get implemented. Our tools and resources include a full menu of effective tools and services for improving schools. GreatKids CT clients know what they need to do to improve, why, and they receive on-site help on how. Few other organizations are as well-positioned to answer all three questions. In addition, GreatKids CT is a CDE-approved SAIT provider for elementary, middle, and high schools.

For a more complete overview of our services and products, we invite you to download and view our Catalogue of Services by clicking (PDF format, requires Adobe Acrobat)

We also welcome you to download and read our annual report,which provides insight into our programs and services, and how we deliver them to schools around Texas. (PDF format, requires Adobe Acrobat)

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