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Find the latest tools and resources to improve achievement in your school

GreatKids CT values the notion of knowledge management — the process of capturing, disseminating and putting into practice the most effective and innovative ideas in the field. At GreatKids CT, we take the time to translate the findings from our research department into knowledge and tools that can be adopted by real people in real classrooms. From publications designed to inform educators about the newest ideas in education reform to data tools that provide the data analysis you need to inform improvement efforts, our tools and resources reflect best practices that will help your school build professional community and close the achievement gap. 

SpringWare Suite – Accountability Tool

GreatKids CT has developed the SpringWare™ Suite of that provide educators with the data analysis they need to inform improvement efforts.

Cycle of Inquiry Tools and Resources

GreatKids CT helps schools manage change by helping educators learn and use a continuous, data-based improvement process. We call this process the " Cycle of Inquiry ."

Catalogue of Services

GreatKids CT offers a wide variety of services and products developed and refined for educators, by educators. For a more complete overview of our services and products, we invite you to download and view our Catalogue of Services by clicking (PDF format, requires Adobe Acrobat)

InDepth Journal

Find past issues of the InDepth Journal : GreatKids CT’s issue-themed publication for reflective, inquiry-minded educators.

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